Verve InfoCrank® Track Version Release – The Game Changer
Verve Cycling Launches the Track version of the reputed InfoCrank® power meter. Great Britain Cycling team will premiere the Track model at the upcoming World Championships in Apeldoorn. 

The Road InfoCrank® was first released after work with a National Institute of Sport, who immediately requested a Track Version be made. 

Picture by Alex Whitehead/ - 14/02/2018 - British Cycling - GBCT Cervelo T5 Track Bike - HSBC UK National Cycling Centre, Manchester, England - Verve Infocrank. 

Five years of study, research and modelling have now resulted in the game-changing Track InfoCrank becoming available to Federations, Clubs, and Track Cyclists all around the world.

The first batch of Cranks have been purchased by Institutes and private individuals who entered into the Pre-production order last year. Purchasers are from the UK to Australia and include riders and federations from countries such as Switzerland, USA, Canada, Czech, Germany, Hong Kong. Verve is very thankful for their support in bringing this product to the wider track riding community. 

Major support for the project was given by British Cycling on behalf of Great Britain Cycling Team, who will premiere the Track InfoCrank® at the upcoming World Championships in Apeldoorn. The UCI World Cycling Centre has also supported the project from the beginning as different crank models were built and trialled. Constructive advice and support was given by both organisations. 

The Track InfoCrank is the first purpose-built torque transducer formed as a crank available in the highly competitive and measurable world of Track Cycle racing. As is well known, true and precise measurement of crank torque can only occur by measuring the forces applied through the crank itself. This requires not only precise placement of high quality strain gauges, but also consistent dimensioning and proportioning of the crank. The firmware is the same as that found in the Road InfoCrank. 

Every InfoCrank® purchased by British Cycling undergoes a full Load test to plot accuracy and over time to ensure consistency. The Verve team and British Cycling continue to work to improve accuracy. 

The preliminary load and accuracy reports on the first batch of cranks are shown in the diagrams below attesting to the unsurpassed accuracy of torque measurement and power calculation achieved by the Track InfoCrank®. Verve specifies an accuracy of less than 1% at all operating levels.

Tests repeatedly show the InfoCrank achieving considerably less error than specified. 

Tests are also conducted well above the normal operating range of a rider in order to validate the instantaneous torque numbers that might be achieved during a sprint or standing start. As the graph below shows, the error is remarkably steady at all torque levels.


Several other major advances have been made – beyond the clear benefit of unsurpassed and independently tested accuracy. 

• Torque is measured within 2 secs of activation effectively meaning that all forces are measured even before a cadence event. 
• Continuous output of sensor torque data. Allows detailed examination of the rider's technique including transient events such as standing starts, acceleration and deceleration 
• The pedalling waveform can be visualised and combined with all the other data, used for specific strength and training programmes. 
• The data obtained from the Track version can be directly compared between riders using InfoCrank on the track or the road. 
• Both legs are measured independently, which has never been done at the accuracy level of the InfoCrank® • The Track InfoCrank® utilises the latest firmware, hardware produced by Verve Cycling, which features improved power management, ability to switch on/off functionality as required (by VINC app) and improved wireless transmission. 

Picture by Alex Whitehead/ - 14/02/2018 - British Cycling - GBCT Cervelo T5 Track Bike - HSBC UK National Cycling Centre, Manchester, England - Verve Infocrank.

Bryan Taylor, President of Verve Cycling commented, “I am very pleased to finally reveal the Track InfoCrank®. Our engineers and staff globally, combined with the Team GB engineers and technical staff and mechanical staff at the UCI World Cycling Centre worked through two generations of designs and numerous iterations to produce this product. We all knew that something more was needed in the world of track racing to take the sport to a new winning edge and this is the result. Everyone had a wish list, but it was harder to achieve than we all thought.”

Dr. Oliver Caddy coordinated the efforts of the British Cycling Team on the project and said, “The promise of far greater reliability and precision in our data was before us and has now been achieved. This is more than an incremental step forward for the team and athletes at every level will benefit.”

Ian Dyer, Head Coach of the Great Britain Cycling Team commented, “InfoCrank® power data is trusted to be accurate under all riding conditions and is a vital element in setting training programmes for our athletes. It’s no longer acceptable to just have consistent data, all our power meters have to be accurate all of the time. This allows us to compare performance improvements over time and between riders. InfoCrank® has eliminated data drift and the need for re-calibration, enabling detailed analysis of our true performance on the road and in the velodrome. We have worked closely with the engineers who developed the InfoCrank® and they have proven to be committed to achieving best in class in this increasingly crucial area.” 

The first batch of Track InfoCranks® was almost sold out and is currently being delivered. The crank will now enter into normal production and be available in sizes from 155mm to 180mm. Most Track InfoCranks will be made to order and entail delivery within 6 weeks. Sizes 165 and 170mm may be available from stock. 

Picture by Alex Whitehead/ - 14/02/2018 - British Cycling - GBCT Cervelo T5 Track Bike - HSBC UK National Cycling Centre, Manchester, England - Verve Infocrank. 

The crank is made to fit to standard ISIS cartridge bottom brackets, which are in use in most track bikes worldwide. The Q Factor depends on the cartridge chosen to fit the bike. 

Information from the Track InfoCrank can currently be gained by using a standard ANT+ head unit. Verve is currently involved in developing a head unit that can also collect the extra information provided by the cranks. Data logging applications also developed by Verve Cycling can enable the extraction of more information for those who require it. 

The VINC App available on the Google Play Store is able to visualise and record much of the data available to date from the InfoCrank®. 

The Track InfoCrank is available from Authorised Distributors and Affiliates worldwide as well as from Verve online at 

The Recommended Retail Price is $1499 USD, £1699, €1499 and $1899 AUD.