What does the InfoCrank measure?

The InfoCrank® has been developed for the cyclist who wants accurate and real power meter readings.  

A cyclist’s power comes from the amount of Tangential Force or Torque applied through the cranks.  The InfoCrank® only measures this force and ignores other force loads which may be present but do not benefit the cyclist’s power output.

The InfoCrank® uses a Wheatstone Bridge to measure Tangential Force.  This means there is no calibration necessary, there’s no re-zeroing and it operates accurately at any temperature, second by second, day by day and year by year. It’s also waterproof.

What this means for the cyclist

As InfoCrank® only measures the Power Generating  force, the rider gets a genuine measure of the power generated.  And because this measurement is accurate, throughout a ride and from day to day, it is possible to track performance gains with complete confidence.